Sponsors of ISF Frees and Threes Events in 2020

2020 Locations 

We’re looking forward to taking the 2020 ISF 3-PT Contests nationwide with multiple events in the largest cities across the United States of America.


To be announced soon.

ISF’s Expansion in 2020

ISF’s Frees and Threes events are establishing the sport of basketball shooting with indoor 3-point contests and indoor free throw contests offering THOUSANDS in prize money. We’re taking ISF nationwide, building the basketball shooting community. We’ll continue to provide updates as we move forward.

Individual Basketball Shooter Sponsor(s)

We encourage you to reach out to us. The only way we can provide talented basketball shooters opportunity and the prize dollars they deserve, while keeping their registration fee minimal is via sponsor participation — help to boost the purse dollars awarded. Whether as a small business, corporation or group of friends, back your favorite basketball shooter(s)… get involved. Contact us at any time to discuss.

Title sponsor(s)

We’re open to conversation. If you’d like to support our effort to establish the sport of basketball shooting, please reach out. We welcome your ideas and will do our best to bring an exciting return on your investment. #ISF #FreesAndThrees #TakeYourShot

Sponsors should contact Dan at 518.858.5941 or e-mail: dan@internationalshooter.com

2016 Saratoga Frees And Threes Contest Winners:
Shea Bromirski | $7,000 Three-Point Champion
Sponsored by: Druthers Brewing Company

Al Callejas | $5,000 Free Throw Champion
Sponsored by: Seven Horse Pub & Restaurant

2017 Saratoga Frees And Threes II Contest Winners:
Al Callejas | $7,000 Three-Point Champion
Sponsored by: TopNetRealty

Sean Parker | $5,000 Free Throw Champion
Sponsored by: Spring Street Deli & Pizzeria