Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the International Shooter Federation’s “Frees and Threes” contests?

Stay tuned! We’re working on finalizing the details for ISF events in 2019 and will provide various dates for Shooters to reserve their Round 1 opportunities. Round 1 will consist of multiple on-site locations(Dates to be determined) and live video qualifier opportunities. Subsequent rounds and semi-finals are to be a part of the 2019 ISF 3-PT Contest(Date and location to be determined). Goal is to have the finals at half time of a major basketball game with a built-in crowd on hand.

Where are the International Shooter Federation events held?

“Saratoga Frees and Threes” and “Saratoga Frees and Threes II”, were held at the Saratoga Springs Rec Center, 15 Vanderbilt Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY but with 2019 approaching, we’re working to open ISF events up to everyone across the country with multiple round 1 dates and live video qualifiers. There’s much to be determined so stay tuned and please reach out to info@internationalshooter.com with any questions.

The first Saratoga Frees and Threes Contest required Shooters acquire sponsorship; will future contests require Shooters to obtain sponsorship?

Yes, Shooters are encouraged to reach out to a sponsor to cover their sponsor fee(s) or encourage a group of friends to buy-in to their opportunity. ISF will have a limited number of sponsor opportunities available to invited Shooters.

Who is eligible to compete?

Men and women 18 years or older who are not currently participating in high school or college athletics. We do not want anyone to risk their amateur status. We’re looking into middle school / high school divisions for future events but must be sure it’s done without jeopardizing eligibility. For 2019, the Open Division(18+) is the only division.

Are events open to men and women?

Absolutely. ISF will eventually include various divisions for Women and for Men, but the current Open Division is open to female and male Shooters 18 years or older.

How many Shooters are we competing against?

The 2019 qualifier events will have at maximum, 25 Shooters and at minimum, 12 Shooters.  The live video qualifier opportunity will have at maximum, 100 Shooters and at minimum, 50 Shooters.  The 2019 ISF 3-PT Contest will have at minimum 40 shooters with the potential for additional Shooters if there are ties within the qualifier events or live video opportunity.

How much are the entry fees?

For 2019, we’re likely moving forward with a $25 registration fee to reserve your opportunity, followed by a $500 sponsor fee to be satisfied two weeks prior to your qualifier event date.

What size ball do Shooters compete with?

ISF Shooters must shoot with a 29.5″ basketball approved by International Shooter Federation for competition.

What model basketball will Shooters be competing with in the Frees and Threes Contest on-site events?

ISF Shooters must shoot with the THE ROCK® MG-4000-PC-NF model 29.5″ for on-site events. Events via live video will allow for your choice of Four (4) different basketball models.

Can a Shooter bring their own ball?

We prefer participants do not bring their own ball to on-site events.  ISF will provide enough basketballs for competition and for practice. All Shooters must compete with the basketballs provided by ISF. However, for events via live video, all Shooters will be allowed to bring and compete with their own ball if it’s one of the models approved by ISF.

What line is used for the Three-point Contest?

We must use the lines available to us at the venue of choice. For round 1, we’re committed to using the high school three-point line. Finalists of the 2019 ISF 3-PT Contest will most likely compete at the NCAA line.

How is check-in handled?

We’re working on that.